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Users, Not Customers

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It’s time to adapt your business for the Internet. In an economy where a majority of consumer purchases are digitally driven, success depends on shifting your focus from your customer base to your user base.

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If you still think “the customer is king,” you’re probably falling behind

Today’s most powerful growth engine is users—people who interact with a company through digital media and technology even if they have never spent a dime. Become indispensable to users and the profits will follow.

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  1. Turn users into customers
  2. Make your products more valuable
  3. Attract and engage users
  1. Use bilateral customer service to keep customers happy
  2. Build a user-first mindset in your company
  3. Structure your business to meet user needs
  4. Make the right technology investments



What’s In The Book?

Author Aaron Shapiro explains the main themes and ideas behind “Users, Not Customers.”

Book Excerpts

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Reviews & Testimonials

Praise for "Users, Not Customers"

A sharp, insightful, strategic guide to doing business in a digital world.

—Barnes and Noble

Aaron Shapiro’s book, “Users, Not Customers,” is so interesting and important. Everything in a corporation is touched by this idea that you are pursuing users, and that you are making products that people will use, not just buy. Mr. Shapiro has produced something of real value for marketers. It’s well-written and has just enough case studies to help bring his theories and observations to life.

—Martin Bihl, Advertising Age

Shapiro’s ideas are smart and perceptive, and his approach to strategy pleasingly concrete; he urges business owners to create a digital experience that’s in service of customers, not trying to trick them. A much-needed, incisive guide to creating a genuinely appealing digital presence.

Publishers Weekly

“Users, Not Customers” provides an insightful and pragmatic road map for transforming the focus of marketing at your company. It goes well beyond cataloging the expanding set of ways that digital can be applied to drive more innovative marketing, addressing the capabilities and cultural shifts that are required for success.

—Matthew Egol, partner, Booz & Company (Consumer Media & Digital)

Aaron Shapiro and his team at Huge have cracked the code on achieving real business results in today’s digitally driven environment. In this book, Shapiro convincingly shows how critical it is for organizations to connect with their users in meaningful ways and demonstrates how to push your company and brand to the next level.

—Michael I. Roth, chairman and CEO of Interpublic

User experience is critical to business success, yet it is frequently misunderstood in most corporations. Shapiro offers extremely valuable insights into building a user centric company, addressing organization, governance, culture, and technology.

—Bernardo Rodriguez, chief digital officer, Kaplan

“Users, Not Customers” is a must read for anyone seeking to integrate digital experiences with their products and services. Aaron Shapiro presents a wonderful novel perspective on the evolving role of digital in business as a tool for interacting with customers as well as suppliers, partners, and employees.

—Ramon Casadesus-Masanell; professor of business administration, Harvard Business School

A clear blueprint for success in our growing digital economy. Shapiro’s research outlined in “Users, Not Customers” will become the seminal work on digital transformation—a sink or swim exercise for most companies over the coming decade.

—John C. Williamson, SVP/GM, Comcast.com

About the Author


Aaron Shapiro

Aaron Shapiro is CEO of Huge, where he helps companies reimagine how they interact with their customers and manage their businesses in the digital economy. Since 2005, Aaron has grown the firm from a small startup into a full-service interactive agency operating out of the United States, Europe and Latin America.
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