Aaron Shapiro.

On company culture vs growth

Article/ 5.8.13

The second part of my interview on company culture for FastCompany’s TakeAway series is now online. If you missed it the first part, you can watch it here. More »

On being scrappy

Article/ 4.12.13

I recently talked to FastCompany about the culture at Huge and what has helped us helped us as we’ve grown as a company. More »

Retailers: Mobile is for “serving” your users

Originally published in McKinsey's CMSO Forum

Article/ 12.20.12

Mobile is the hot new shopping device. But many retailers still think of it as just another communications tool or an element of a multichannel marketing campaign. Rather it’s where people go to accomplish everyday tasks with more ease and choice than was possible in the pre-Internet world. By virtue of living in the pockets and purses of consumers, mobile has become the always-on concierge of the modern day retail environment. The difference between a mobile strategy that sells and one that stumbles is simply how well it serves customers. More »

Modern Marketing – Moving On From Launch Campaigns To Platforms

Originally published in Brand Republic

Article/ 10.2.12

It used to be that marketing was relatively straightforward: to sell a product, you run an ad campaign; to build a brand, you run an ad campaign. By the 1990s, marketers had not only become obsessed with buying advertising, they had gotten very good at it, and used it well to build global brands like Marlboro and Coca-Cola. But today, the web has infiltrated our daily lives, leaving marketers with a very different and much more difficult job. More »


RT : Huge launches intranet tool, Honey http://t.co/i5yG0pRJn9

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RT : Honey: A Social Network For Businesses That’s Flexible Enough To Fit Any Workflow http://t.co/JvJz3PbFUc

RT : Honey raises $1.25 million to get non-urgent communication out of your email inbox http://t.co/0AJJQfasmL

RT : Huge Labs Launches Honey, A Reddit-Like Message Board For Sharing News In Your Company http://t.co/g3lciNXeni by


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TechCrunch TV

Can we save the physical book? Some say that a bookless world may be inevitable. Aaron Shapiro explains the means making end-user experience the key part of any 21st century company.

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iStrategy Chicago keynote

Aaron Shapiro, presents on digital transformation, the Instant Era, and commoditization at the iStrategy Conference in Chicago.

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BookExpo Presentation

Aaron Shapiro talks about “Users, Not Customers” in a 7x20x21 presentation at BookExpo America, 2011

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Social-Driven Marketing Solutions

Aaron talks about smart social-driven marketing at the Media Bistro Ad Summit.